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Our History

The Yankton Sioux Tribe continues to preserve and aggressively promote a strong economy and quality of life for the overall well-being of Yankton Sioux Reservation located in southeastern South Dakota, encompassing the eastern two-thirds of Charles-Mix county and is bordered on the south and west by the Missouri River. The reservation consists of 430,504 acres of gently rolling land with few significant hills or plateaus.
Most of the land is used for farming and as pasture lands, the majority of farm and pasture lands are leased to non-members. The Missouri River and the land surrounding it are largely untapped resources for the YST, although some irrigation of tribal farmland has taken place.

The cities and communities that are on or near the  Yankton Sioux reservation are the City of Wagner, City of Lake Andes, City of Pickstown, White Swan Community, Marty, Dante, Greenwood and Choteau Creek. 

Tribal Background of the Ihanktonwan Dakota Oyate or "People of the End village".
The YST is a non- IRA Tribe. The General Council (all enrolled Tribal members 18 years of age and older) is the ultimate authority of the Tribe. The management known as Business and Claims Committee (B&CC) conducts day-to-day business of the Tribe. It consists of nine members who are elected every two years.  


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